Mold Testing


How Do I Know If I need Mold Testing?

 Mold testing requests most often come from people like you. Wondering in the back of your mind if you may have mold in your home.  Like you, they have no idea where to start and maybe they don't even see visible signs of mold growing. However, you have a gut feeling something is wrong.  You may be experiencing things like strange odors, mustiness, frequent illnesses, headaches & fatigue when you spend time in certain rooms or more! 


Air Sampling Test

 Air testing consists of using a professional air sampling device designed for the rapid collection and analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosols. These include fungal spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers, and inorganic particulates. Air enters the collection cassette, the particles become impacted on the sampling substrate, and the air leaves through the exit orifice. The airflow and patented cassette housing are designed in such a way that the particles are distributed and deposited equally on a special glass slide contained in the cassette housing called the "trace."  The cassette is sent to the lab for detailed analysis and testing results. 

Mold Surface Testing

Surface Testing

  Testing surfaces consist of both swab and/or tape samples that are taken from household surfaces. To find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited around the home. Samples are collected by swabbing or tapping an area of concern or an area where dust collects without disturbance for an accurate reading of what is found in the air.  Like with air testing the results can vary because mold growth and spores aren't spread evenly across surfaces in the home and can change over time. Unlike air testing though, surface tests can’t identify the exact concentration of mold spores in the air. 

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